Introduction to Revelation


8 responses to “Introduction to Revelation

  1. pinnerguest

    Readers probably confused because they don’t have a grasp of the OT particulary Daniel! 😉

  2. Jane Shaw

    I think this is enormously helpful. One useful further line would be to trace the bursts of choral singing which punctuate the unfolding tale of disasters.

  3. Is there room to insert some upward arrows where commentators insert a rapture scenario! One teacher suggested that “come up here” of Rev. 4:1 was it. Correction, that is what he taught! How many arrows would you need to cover all such suggestions?

    Is there any place to the dragon put in chains for a 1,000 years scene. I love the optimism of that! I tell people that this happened recently and we are now in the final 1,000 years. Satan is bound. People get really confused by the idea that Satan is bound. I use that as an antidote to people that get too focussed on the bad news in Rev.

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  5. Sarah

    Just a technical question: how can “cumulative” confusion ever decrease — unless there’s such a thing as negative confusion?

  6. richardsh

    could you do a synchronic version also?

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