Paul’s Missionary Tube Map

Paul Tube Map Final



January 29, 2014 · 2:59 pm

52 responses to “Paul’s Missionary Tube Map

  1. Charlotte Carter

    This is awesome. Please may I print it out to show to my Bible study group?

  2. Reblogged this on Dom's Blog and commented:
    I found this an excellent idea and so simple too!

  3. hubbit

    I saw this on Facebook, and the first response out of my fingers was “Mind the Agape”. 🙂

  4. thomas

    worth the wait.

    also, hubbit, nice one.

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  6. Amazing work! Thank you!
    Two bits: The red line should stop at Derbe and the green needs a spur into Illyricum.
    Again, wonderful! Keep up the good diagrams.

    • Many thanks!

      You’re right the red line should stop at Derbe, but I think I just liked the circular look, though I might change that some time. Illyricum doesn’t feature because I found the ref in Romans 15 a little vague – did Paul go to specific places there or is he describing a sweeping view of his journey? I have no idea about that to be honest, but would be interested to learn.

      • OK. Thanks for the response. Sorry you do not have a larger size.

        PS—I definitely agree that the reference to Illyricum in Rom 15 is vague. We have no clue as to when or how, and the main purpose of the graphic is to display the concrete details of Acts, not vague comments in the letters.

  7. Yeah I think I’m happy for folk to use this. I don’t have a higher resolution version though I’m afraid.

    I like the mind the agape pun.

    Much respect, Rich

  8. a superb piece of work! thanks very much

  9. This is marvellous. Imaginative and informative as always. Thank you.

  10. Reblogged this on Svědek and commented:
    This is a very imaginative and informative way of showing Paul’s journeys. Well worth a look at.

  11. This is very cool. Is there some kind of a vector-type source, that could be used to translate it into other languages?

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  13. Daleen ten Cate

    Wow, so practical. Thanks for sharing

  14. Mad Map Mike the Munsterman

    I shared from my blog, hope that’s ok! Love your work, Mike

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  16. Leo Knight

    I really love this. In high school, I did a report on Paul’s journeys, with maps that looked an awful lot like this.

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  18. Paul’s journey from Ephesus to Macedonia should go via the Troad to accommodate 2 Cor 2:12-13. It is disputed whether Derbe was in Galatia. Troas and Assos are quite close. Other than that, it looks great.

  19. Franklin Samraj

    it is sub-urban Theology
    Wonderful Idea for the Modern mind

  20. Aj

    Like the idea to make this more visually interesting but you will have TfL onto you with a cease and desist for using their IP. I believe the tube map, their typeface (new Johnston) and the roundel are fiercely protected.

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    Well, I thought that this was pretty cool…

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    If you have used the Tube in London, or the subway system in another major city, you might enjoy this little chart on theologygrams.

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    Now this is using one classic design to tell a clear story! Thanks!

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    Paulus´misjonsreiser, utradisjonelt gjengitt!

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  29. Hi, I sent a message it seems to have vanished. Really enjoyed Pauls Missionary Tube Map and have reposted at &
    Hope that’s OK with you.

  30. Neko

    You are hilarious. I’m a dogged atheist, but for your site I say Praise Jesus.

  31. Adelaide Kent

    A marvelous way to make the journeys of Paul accessible to modern eyes.

    Love it!

  32. Just wonderful!

    On foot, by horse and carriage (a French film), oh excuse me, walk, swim and boat, a true globetrotter this apostle of the nations!

    Thank you for the chart.

    Best regards

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  34. JBB

    This is wonderful – thank you :-). If you redo it you could also add a couple of factoids such as “shipwrecked” or “riots here” but it is great.

  35. Dawn Safar.

    Brilliant..I have just completed a tour of some of ” Paul’s Jorneys”.. Such a great visual !!….pure brilliance 🙂

  36. Love it. many thanks. We have just finished a study of Acts and this would have been great to have as we studied. May your tribe increase

  37. Been trekking around the mountains of Crete this week and have gained a new respect for Paul and the many miles he covered in relentless heat. Can’t find Crete on your map although it is in Acts, accessed by ship – perhaps you should add the places he went by boat ? Just a suggestion

  38. Lena Norberg

    Great for young people – and me!
    Thanks and pax!

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  40. Reblogged this on father christopher and commented:
    This is fantastic. St. Paul’s missionary journeys as a tube map.

  41. Laure Linda Cody

    As an adult Bible teacher in a large Baptist church ‘across the pond’ I love using clever pictorials that depict the inner workings of what I am studying and then handing off to students. Thanks for the really brilliant visual aide.

  42. Hello Theologygrams! I love this image. I like metromaps & I’m a theologian. I’d like to print this on a shirt. Can you give me permission?

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