Bible wear and tear

Bible wear and tear sm


March 11, 2014 · 1:20 pm

14 responses to “Bible wear and tear

  1. Yeah, no, I disagree with this one. If that ONE page has fallen out, you’ve spent WAAAAAAAYYYY too much time in Revelation (imho). 😉

  2. How about – “If you’ve written so many notes in your Bible that there’s no room for more” as a ‘saintly’ gauge? 😀

  3. good observation, especially the crisis point when you realise that a worn out bible is irrelevant (and old fashioned now that everyone has a bible app)

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  5. It took me awhile to see the joke. I guess that happens a lot when we approach something we are used to taking so seriously. Glad I stuck with it, its really funny and creative. Kudos!

  6. Ali Dorey

    oh my goodness i’ve been travelling along this graph for quite some time, and could well be about to experience the whole thing. the thing is revelation is at the end, and the pages at the beginning and end are particularly vulnerable, i find. the title page fell off the other day. of course more due to the fact i carry it around in my bag all day than due to actual overuse. (myth of holiness blown once more!)

    • Same really – in fact I owe this one to the fact that someone pointed out that that page had gone. Again, more due to carrying in a bag to be honest..

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  8. Hello! I’m writing a essay (just for a masters course) about things people did with their bibles in the nineteenth century, and wondered if it would be ok to include this diagram, which I’ve always found particularly enjoyable — properly credited of course? It would be the perfect reference to back up the observation that at least some modern people think falling-apart bibles are kind of cool. But no worries if that would be a bit weird. I haven’t quite figured out protocol for quoting things from the internet yet…

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