Not Really a Diagram


Apologies if this breaks blogging etiquette by not really being a diagram. On the other hand, feel free to add contributions.


July 18, 2014 · 4:32 pm

9 responses to “Not Really a Diagram

  1. Justin Martyr Bieber
    Guns and Ambroses of Milan
    St. Jerome Kern
    Isaac Hayes of Nineveh
    Mr. Meister Eckhart
    William Kissing Booth (a play on the rather obscure band -The John Wilkes Kissing Booth)
    Walter Rauschen-Bush

  2. Destiny’s Brevard Childs

    A Tribe called Quest for the historical Jesus

  3. On Facebook, a friend of a friend came up with Torrance and the Machine.

  4. Rage Against the Deus ex Machina

  5. Bryan

    Richard Lee Hooker
    Echo and the Brunnermen
    C S Lewis and the News
    Bultmann Turner Overdrive
    Milton John
    Dorothy Green Day
    Claudius of Turin Brakes
    Thomas Merton Parkas
    Pedersen Lee
    John Annie Lennox

  6. These are all brilliant, many thanks!

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